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Filling out a PDF Document with Acrobat Reader DC

  1. Open the PDF form that you want to fill out.
  2. Choose Tools > Fill & Sign.
  3. To fill or add text, click Add Text image in the toolbar. Click at the place in the document where you want to add the text, and then start typing.

    Fill or add text
    Use the field toolbar to make appropriate changes:

    • To resize a field, use the font up or down button in the toolbar - the first two buttons from left.
    • To move a field, move your mouse pointer closer to field border until you see the drag handle, and then hold and move the field as required.
    • To delete a field or typed text, click the trash button.
    • To convert a normal text field into comb field or vice versa, click the comb button - the second button from the right.
    Use Comb fields to fill or add text in continuous boxes in a line/row. The Comb field spreads the user-entered text evenly across the width of the text field, as shown below.

    Comb field and normal text field
    While you are typing, if the characters do not fit in each box, adjust the spacing with the grab handle where the resize here points in the image above.

  4. Fill personal data from the right-hand panel. In the panel, your personal information is displayed. Some of the fields are populated for you based on your Adobe ID, which you can edit.

    Auto populated date in the right hand pane
    Note: You can fill out the rest of the information in the right-hand panel, so it is easier to add to your form. The added information is saved automatically and made available for future use.

    a. Drag and drop labels from the panel onto the form: mouse over the label exposes the drag handle on the left of the label.

    b. Click and hold to drag out the item and drop it over the place onto the form where you want this label to appear. Resize or move the label as appropriate.

  5. Add annotations or symbols: Annotations tools are displayed in the toolbar - Crossmark, Checkmark, Circle, Line, and Dot. You can use these annotation tools to fill in check boxes and radio buttons, as well as use the Circle to circle text or the line to strike out text.

    Annotation tools
    Click an annotation in the toolbar to select it, and then click on the form where you want to place the annotation. (Each click will place the selected annotation at the respective location on the form.)

    Note: Resize the first annotation you place to fit the check box or radio button in the document, and the next annotations you add will be of the same size and will fit the rest of the box/circle fields.

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