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How to Change NetID Password

Note: NetID users are required to update their NetID passwords periodically. If a password is less than 16 characters in length, the password will expire after a calendar year. Passwords with 16 or more characters will expire every four years.
After submitting your new password, it will take approximately seven minutes for it to fully upload to A&M’s server. This means that you may experience some log in trouble during that seven minutes. However, if the log in trouble does not resolve itself, contact Help Desk Central at (979) 845-8300 for assistance.

1. Go to and click Password Settings.
Aggie Account Gateway

2. Log in with your current NetID and your NetID password
Central Authentication Service

3. Click the button that says Change Your NetID Password.Change Password
4. Carefully read through the password requirements then enter your new NetID password in the “Password” and “Password confirm” fields. Click Submit Password when done.
Change NetID password

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