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How To Setup Wireless on iPhone

1. Make sure you have the following information: TAMU NetID and NetID password.
If you do not have or know you NetID, please follow the instructions for setting up a NetID before continuing to Step 2.

On your Home Screen, tap Settings.

3. Select "Wi-Fi"

4. Make sure your Wi-Fi is switched On. You will now see a list of available network choices. Tap tamulink-wpa (NOT tamulink-guest)

5. You will now be asked to enter your NetID in the username field and your NetID password in the password field.

6. You will now be presented with a “Certificate” screen. Tap Accept

7. You have now connected to TAMULink-WPA. To verify your connection, look for a check mark next to “tamulink-wpa” under the list of available connections

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