SSC is committed to legendary customer service! That means we want to serve you, A&M’s proctors, to the best of our ability and to provide you with the tools and information you need to do the best job you can in your roles. Below are some helpful tips:

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These frequently asked questions provide a wealth of information for building proctors: FAQ

Work requests via AggieWorks:

Work Order Instructions:

  • Log into AggieWorks ( with net ID
  • After log in, click “Work Request” on the top menu
  • Continue as instructed

Once a work request is submitted, you will receive an email regarding the following:

  • A work request has been created
  • A work request has been assigned
  • A work request is in progress
  • If a work request requires TAMU’s funding approval
  • A work request has been completed.

The status of a work request can be tracked on AggieWorks by clicking on the TRACK tab. If you have questions about the online system, you may contact the AggieWorks Center at or 979.458.5500. The AggieWorks Center staff will research your question and respond.

Other campus departments:

Clarification on light bulbs and windows:

Light bulbs:

  • 12 feet and higher is Maintenance
  • 12 feet and lower is Custodial


  • Maintenance handles issues such as broken and leaking windows. Custodial is responsible for first floor window washing or subcontracting the work if cleaning is required for the second floor or higher.

If you have additional questions, please check out our FAQ page.


  • Custodial does not provide trash cans or sanitary napkin containers.
  • Some examples of an emergency that is the responsibility of custodians:
    • Blood spill
    • Sewage spill
    • An emergency that custodians are not responsible for: lab chemicals- contact the lab instructor or researcher.


For questions relating to billing issues, please send an email to

Facility Manager Working Group (FMWG):

This is a group created by and for A&M proctors. Any proctor/facility manager is welcome to attend the meetings, which are held the last Thursday of the month in the Equine Complex on F&B Rd. For more info and to be added to the listserv, please email Heather Quiram, Assistant Director of Facilities for the College of Veterinary Medicine: