The benefits of going green are overwhelming; therefore, more schools are looking to implement sustainable initiatives to make their facilities more efficient, healthier, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. In order to meet this demand, SSC offers flexible choices in the delivery of our programs to support green and sustainable initiatives for students, faculty, and administrators. We believe education needs to be at the forefront of sustainable practices. There is an importance and responsibility to demonstrate appropriate environmental practices not only for student health, but also to make it a natural part of their routine. This creates an even higher level of responsibility that requires a support services team that is knowledgeable and experienced enough to combat these  challenges.

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Joint Partnership Compost Program


SSC has achieved CIMS certification with honors and is Green Seal certified. Eighty three percent of the products used on campus are green. In fact, the Grounds Department uses one hundred percent organic fertilizer, most of which comes from the TAMU | SSC joint compost initiative.

The Grounds team utilizes tree trimmings, plant prunings, weeds and grass clippings to create one hundred percent organic green waste. The green waste is delivered to a site just north of campus. Grinding equipment processes the green waste every two years to create the compost pile which ripens for twelve months.  The compost is then mixed with sand to create a spreadable topdressing which can be used on turf grass around campus to enhance the vigor and wearability of the landscape.


SSC is committed to internal office sustainability initiatives

In 2019, SSC will complete the Office Certification for all offices housed in the facilities building through the Texas A&M Office of Sustainability. Our associates are committed to doing everything they can to make sure we have a better tomorrow!

LEED Presence at A&M

Additionally, SSC employs several associates who have received LEED Green Associate certification and our teams work together to maintain the nine LEED buildings that have been identified on campus. By nature, LEED for existing buildings is an ongoing process and the performance strategies are intended to provide operational benefits throughout the life of the building. SSC sustains the strategies so the building can maintain and even improve its performance over time. Projects with LEED accreditation require recertification at least once every five years.